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Seminars on EFL Teaching
conducted by ELO Fellow, Erin Anderson

April, 3
11.00— 11.30 Social Factors in an American Life
In this opening presentation, Erin Anderson will share information about her life and conduct interactive activities to serve as an introduction and a forum in which personal questions of interest may be asked.
11.30 — 11.40 Break
11.40 — 13.10 Working with Shaping the Way We Teach English in Russia
This workshop serves as a reminder of communicative/creative teaching methodology. It allows participants to familiarize themselves with these materials and to share their own teaching practices, as well as exercise their critical and creative thinking.
13.10 — 13.40 Coffee Break
13.40 — 15.10 Information Transfer Activities
This workshop highlights the free resources available at the IELTS website to help prepare students for the first academic writing task on the IELTS test. Participants will also practice communicative ways of working toward the goals of this test.
15.10— 15.20 Break
15.20— 16.00 Individual Consultations (Please, formulate your questions beforehand to save your time )
April, 4
11.00- 12.00 Culture Maps of Europe
In this workshop, participants will explore cultural associations of a variety of European countries. They will have the opportunity to analyze the factors that influence our cultural associations.
12.00-12.10 Break
12.10-13.40 Research in Cultural Stereotypes
In this presentation, participants will familiarize themselves with several research projects on racial and cultural stereotypes and see how information is collected and analyzed.
13.40-14.10 Coffee Break
14.10 — 15.10 Beyond Stereotypes: Are you an Individualist or a Collectivist?
This workshop introduces participants to theories of cultural dimensions which students can use to put cultural differences into perspective.
15.10-15.20 Break
15.20-16.00 Individual Consultations

For further information, please, contact Marina Sergeeva msergeeva@mail.ru
mobile 89132489212