Our university

The history of the university began 80 years ago, back in 1939. During the years of existence the university has trained about 55 thousand specialists in pedagogical and non-pedagogical specialties and directions for different regions of Russia. Among University’s graduates there are well-known teachers, psychologists, scientists, heads of various enterprises, artists, Olympic champions, etc.

Shukshin Altai State for Humanities and Pedagogy University now occupies a stable position among universities of the Altai region and the Russian Federation. University development is carried out in the context of scientific and educational space of Biysk science city and is aimed at solving social and economic problems facing Altai Krai. Executing for 80 years its mission - preparation of high-skilled specialists, the staff is rightfully proud of its achievements and optimistically face the future.

The priority of the university educational activity development taking into account the needs of Altai Krai and Russian Federation economy in qualified personnel is active introduction of new educational technologies into the educational process, project activity of students, orientation of educational process on the requirements of employer and labor market as a whole. Defining the university development priorities we focus on the main trends in modern Russian educational system based on the execution of the Russian President Decrees, Strategy of social and economic development of the Russian Federation.